Jewelry Sizing Guide

Necklace Size Chart

(this guide is an estimate & may vary)


★ When it comes to finding the perfect necklace fit, measuring your neck to  where you want the necklace to fall.
★ To do this, we recommend using a sewing tape measurer. If you don't have one, don't worry - you can use common household items such as headphones, charging wires, fabric belt or a piece of string or yarn, and then measure that household item with a ruler.
★ While our sizing chart can be helpful, it's important to note that everyone has different neck sizes, so it may not be entirely accurate for you. Here are some general guidelines based on our chart:




               WHERE IT RESTS

    above collarbone (choker)
    above collarbone (choker)
    collarbone (most popular length for pendants)
    below collarbone (falls right above the cleavage)
    above chest or low neckline
    center on chest
    on or below bust
    above waist


      By measuring your neck and using this chart as a guide, you can ensure that your necklace fits just right and accentuates your style perfectly. So go ahead, try it out, and enjoy your new necklace with confidence!